eSwatini Bridge Project Networking Academy

Before the SBP Networking Academy was formed on the 28th of May, 2019, there were only 2 students enrolled in the CISCO NetAcad program in all of eSwatini. As we come to the anniversary of our first year as a NetAcad we are proud of how far things have come. 


The mission of our organization has always been to have a positive generational impact in the Kingdom of eSwatini. We are doing that by developing the human capital necessary for eSwatini to join the 4th Industrial Revolution. Over this year our seven instructors have helped us provide 9 of the 25 classes that our academy is certified to offer. So far we have issued 35 certificates of completion to the 167 students in our academy. In our second year as an academy we are working towards adding 3 new certification courses.

Since 1997 Cisco has trained nearly 10 million people globally. We are becoming one of 11,400 academies in 180 countries around the world. Our accreditation as an academy enables us to offer 21st century digital skills which will prepare Swazis for the 4th Industrial Revolution and become creative problem solvers with the knowledge to control their futures.

Click HERE or the image below see the classes we are currently offering! 

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+1 (240) 523-3199 (US Office Number)

+268-7621-1006 (eSwatini Cell Number)

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